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01 November 2017

Fender In-Ear Monitor Series

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Fender In-Ear Monitor Series


Professional Grade In-Ear Monitors with Premium Quality Sound for Live Performance, Recording and Listening


Fender In-Ear Monitor Series

Over the course of 70 years Fender has established a legacy of creating premium tools for musical expression on stage and in the studio. It’s this legacy that has fueled the development of Fender’s In-Ear Monitor Series.




Pure Sound

Crafted with detail and optimized for our unique housing, the drivers elevate your listening experience with distortion-free audio, transforming each listening into a truly special event. Coupled with the 3-D printed housing, each driver is precisely oriented to direct sound for enhanced clarity and sonic conduction. These all add up to a highly responsive, accurate monitoring system, be it for performing, creating or listening

Universal Fit

To create the perfect fit, Fender scanned thousands of ears, deriving a universal in-ear fit that wears like a custom monitor. 3-D printing allows the creation of precise curves and a more ergonomic shape otherwise impossible, fitting the natural contours of our ears even more closely. This also eliminates the need for crossover in hybrid driver designs as the drivers are able to be precisely orientated. When coupled with the patent-pending, secure-fit tips, it provides cushion-like comfort and top-class isolation.



Designed and carefully assembled by hand, each In-Ear Monitor is finely crafted for performance. As Fender heritage dictates, making the finest musical instruments and gear, Fender In-Ear Monitors are designed to sound, feel and perform the way Fender artists demand.



Pristine Fender Audio Performance

Stunning audio reproduction from six state-of-the-art balanced armature drivers, capturing every nuance of live performance or recorded music for an unparalleled listening experience.

  • Six balanced armature drivers; Groove-tuned bass port
  • 3D-printed DHT shell fit for a custom-like experience
  • 12Hz-22kHz frequency response for lifelike sound reproduction
  • 121dB @1mW sensitivity for distortion-free audio



Premium Concert Hall-Quality Sound

Articulate performance, comfort and precise clarity – all from our most robust complement of drivers, designed to replicate your performance with concert hall detail.

  • Custom full-range rare-earth driver
  • Dual tuned balanced armature arrays
  • 3D-printed universal-fit housing with noise isolation



A Revolution in IEM Technology

Hybrid driver technology pairs a balanced armature tweeter with a custom rare-earth driver to reproduce any mix with stunning clarity, full-range response and ample bass.

  • Custom full-range rare-earth driver
  • Single tuned balanced armature array
  • 3D-printed universal-fit housing with noise isolation



Recreate Your Mix with Detail

Breakthrough dual balanced armature technology reproduces your mix with detailed, full-range response.

  • Dual balanced armature array
  • 3D-printed universal-fit housing with noise isolation



Experience Rich, Full Sound

Balanced precision, premium sound isolation and minimal distortion for serious players and music connoisseurs who appreciate definition on stage and off.

  • Custom full-range rare-earth driver
  • 3D-printed universal-fit housing with noise isolation



Enter the World of Fender In-Ear Monitoring

Slimline shell, delivering cushion-like comfort and premium sound isolation, with a finely tuned custom driver making it ideal for performance.

  • Custom full-range titanium micro driver
  • Low-profile housing with a patent-pending secure-fit tips



Pure Fender Listening Experience

Slimline shell and secure-fitting tips delivering a comfortable fit and ambient noise reduction with integrated microphone and remote for smartphone use and music playback.

  • Custom full-range 8.5mm titanium micro driver
  • Low-profile housing with a patent-pending secure-fit tips
  • High-quality microphone with 3-button remote


 Browse the entire Fender IEM range right here.


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