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20 February 2019

Sonos Makes It Home (Dinner Parties)

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When was the last time you had a meal without being distracted by your phone?

Take-out food, television programmes, and text messages between bites. That seems to be what dinner has been reduced to in today’s constant hustle and bustle. In place of mealtime conversations, we have a cocktail mix of silence, scraping utensils and (sometimes) noisy chewing. Most tragically, food… just doesn’t taste as good anymore.

Enter Sonos.

In a Music Makes It Home study involving 30,000 people and 30 homes all over the world, Sonos derived a staggering conclusion: music doesn’t just help households, it transforms them. The songs, playlists and albums become a magnet pulling you back to yesteryear’s good life. People are together more. People are happy more. People love more. In fact, 58% of people surveyed say listening to music while cooking makes the food taste better!

Want to experience that in your home too? Here’s how!

To begin, create a dinner playlist on your Sonos! 

As busy Singaporeans - the most likely meal we're going to have together with our family or friends at home, will be dinner meals. Increase the enjoyment level a notch higher with a dinner / cooking soundtrack at the background. 

Step 1: Play some jazz while cooking dinner 
Hands greasy? Just tell Alexa / Siri the music playlist you want, and control the volume using just your voice.

That's how Daniel Ong, founder of Dan Workz and former award-winning DJ, creates a phenomenal experience when he invites friends for dinner parties too. 

Step 2: Set a timer for dinner to start 
Did you know that you can set an alarm with Sonos? Don’t worry, you won’t get blaring sirens - just your favourite songs, to signal that dinner is ready! 

If you have multiple Sonos players all over your house, you can also pre-set the dinner playlist to start playing music from every room all through the Sonos app. Now even your kids holed up in their bedrooms will know it’s time to start walking to the dining table without any shouting on your part!

Step 3: Play background music, and have an AMAZING conversation! 

Hate awkward silences?

Yeah, so do we.

That’s where having Sonos makes all the difference. Have music playing (yes, not blaring) in the background for an even more conducive environment for conversations.

Interviews and studies have also shown that music bonds households together, and inspires families and friends to hangout more!

Lifestyle Image: Sonos One

Lifestyle Image: Sonos Play:5

"Because of Sonos, we’re having a meal at the dining table in the living room, or whatever room we’re at, and there will be music at the background... It increases the experience." (Daniel Ong)

"When the music played, those connections were rekindled – and even strengthened – and layouts of homes began to change and grow. 30,000 participants surveyed around the world showed a similar trend, with 50 percent saying they’ve played music out loud to inspire members of the household to hang out together." - Music Makes It Home Study, Sonos

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to come together over dinner with Sonos. Put the party back in “dinner parties”!

Dining room / kitchen speaker recommendation: Sonos Play:5 / Sonos One
Or, chat with us to find out more and let our Sonos experts give you the best advise

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