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Fender FXA7 IEM

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Fender FXA7 IEM

SGD $799.00
  • Black
  • Gold

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SGD $799.00
  • Dual HDBA tweeters; custom 9.25mm precision rare-earth driver; Groove-tuned™ bass port; zero-crossover design
  • Universal fit wears like a custom monitor, providing cushion-like comfort
  • 6Hz-24kHz frequency response for lifelike sound reproduction
  • 110dB @1mW sensitivity for distortion-free audio
  • Includes deluxe carrying case, 1/8" to 1/4” adapter, patent-pending, secure-fit tips, cleaning tool and cable

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WARRANTY VALIDITY 90 Days - Exchange Warranty
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TYPE OF WARRANTY Repair & Exchange Warranty
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Top Customer Reviews

By Roger F. on July 10, 2017

Had these just a few months and the low end went out in them, just sound like hi's. For this amount of money this shouldn't happen.

By Ryan on February 20, 2017

Let me say first off, these sound great. They are most certainly not reference iems, but they are not 'for hardcore bassheads only' as one online review stated. Running these through the paces with my ifi iDSD micro (XBass & 3D off) and a huge variety of music, I can say that resolution, instrument separation, and sound width and depth are all par with the pricepoint. As to the bass response, it really only seemed to kick in when the recording demanded it. It isn't remotely comparable to the Beats headphones that make my recordings of the Tchaikovskyi Symphonies sound like muddy garbage. With the FXA7, the bass is there in spades when called for, but doesn't constantly get in the way of clarity.For two years I have been feeding all of my music through the iDSD and a pair of Shure SE535s. The output of my Fiio X5 just sounded flat and dead by comparison. The FXA7s sure sound great through the iDSD, but they also actually bring some life to music played directly from the Fiio X5. In another comparison with the SE535s, I would leave the XBass and 3D enhancement on the iDSD on all of time with the Shures. I find myself flipping back an forth with different recordings with the FXA7s.To my ear and mind, the best description of the sound signature that I can think of is 'basically accurate, but fun.'Caution:The tips. There are three pairs of different sizes, all made from the same material. They are not standard silicon tips. I don't know what these tips are made of, but they take everything that can be bad about silicon tips and multiplies it by 1000. They are sticky, and the air pressure created from inserting them all the way (driver flex) destroys the sound. I could not get any decent sound out of these with the stock tips due to constant driver flex. (Comply tips solved this issue, but with the possible attenuation of some upper frequencies.)For a $500 set of earbuds, I am greatly disappointed that tips made of other materials were not included. A $90 set of Shure SE215s comes with S/M/L silicon tips, comply tips, yellow foam tips, and flanged tips. I know that everyone's ears are different, and so a universal set of earbuds won't fit every ear perfectly. I think that this actually proves my point. Everyone's ears are a little different--so when selling universal earbus, include options. And tips--being much cheaper that custom ear molds--are a cheap way to provide flexibility.

By Amazon Customer on January 27, 2017

Decided to try this brand as I've heard good things about the aurisonics company purchased in order to make them. I'm very disappointed in the quality of the product however. The only good thing about this product is the audio quality which is roughly in the range expected for its price, but the build quality is horrible. The material they use for the ear tips feels very strange and caused painful amounts of pressure on my eardrums I've never experienced using other foam or rubber tips. It's very unpleasant to wear these for more than an hour or so.The worst bit is that my first set already had audio die in one earpiece within hours of use which was not fixed by even replacing the cable. I give a product the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was simply a defective unit, and got a replacement through amazon. Now a week into using the new set I've had another earpiece fail despite using them carefully and storing them inside the included caring case.Do not buy this product. At $500 you should be getting in ear monitors that work for months or years and should be relatively comfortable. Go for a company known for their quality like Westone or Shure

By Robin Robie on December 22, 2016

Be careful ordering this item - the shipper did a switch on me. I wanted gold but received black. Someone placed a small sticker showing gold but very obvious on the box FXA2 BLACK.

a must have.

By troy groetken on November 24, 2016

sound is excellent. easy to use and very well made.

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