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Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System

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Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System

SGD $399.00
  • Your Entertainment Center 
  • Wireless Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Subwoofer Generates Deep Authoritative Desk Shaking Lows
  • Compatible with other Devices via a Headphone Jack and Mini Plug Input

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Service Warranty
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Top Customer Reviews

By Mark Johnson on August 27, 2017

I have to give it one star. The blue tooth is fine. I have no neighbors for a few dozen feet or more. But the Bluetooth picks up static. It constantly sounds like a electrical static storm in my speaker. Not very loud, but constant. I thought it was my computer as it had issues as well. But I connected it to another system in another room and it still does it. Now I have to RMA it to be fixed as the return window has passed.

By Amazon Customer on July 07, 2017

These speakers paired with my Amazon Dot are my only music system at this time. I'm very happy with the sound and feel this system delivers great value and sound quality. This system fills the downstairs of my 1,600 sq ft rowhouse with good clear sound and has room to spare. I haven't cranked it up too much, but the bass is full and the desktop speakers are clear and distortion-free. They're probably missing a little in the midrange and low-mids that bookshelf speakers would provide, but space is a premium and I'm very happy with this system.

By randir14 on July 05, 2017

These speakers are easy to set up and the sound quality is great, much better than any dedicated bluetooth speakers I've tried in the past. I guess they're primarily meant for PC's but I have them in my garage for music and radio over my phone's bluetooth. The subwoofer seems pretty good, even with the knob at slightly below the 9 o clock position I can feel the bass in rooms on the other side of the wall.The only problem is there's no automatic shutoff time, so I've resorted to plugging them in to a surge protector and turning the switch off when I'm done listening.

By Yuniel on July 02, 2017

Klipsch always delivered!!!! I have a 5.1 Home Theater System and now I have these babies, quality sounds is perfect.


By Andrew C. on June 22, 2017

I read all the other reviews about how the bluetooth capability is terrible. I still bought the system anyway, because I am the only one living in the vicinity, and only have 1 bluetooth capable device (MacBook) that I planned on connecting to it. Well, even so, there are STILL problems. It worked great when I connected it via the direct input jack. Then I connected it via bluetooth, and afterwards NOTHING worked. Could not play sound through either the input jack OR bluetooth. I had to disconnect and reconnect everything, turn off bluetooth, remove the connection, re-pair the system, over and over, until I finally got it to work again.UPDATE 9/1/2017.I bought this on 6/17/17. Today it has stopped working altogether. I am no longer able to connect to the speakers, with either bluetooth or the physical auxiliary input. The speakers do not show up on your device when you try to pair with them either.

By Amazon Customer on May 18, 2017

I bought this trusting the online reviews. Do not trust any reviews that review this as anything above a 3 star speaker system as it's honestly worth even less than that. It is extremely difficult to set up, every single speaker in the entire market knows a plug'n'play system is what we all want but NOOOOOO no Klipsch they're too focused on being PC elitist that they can't afford a simple set up, wire crunching and beyond because they're too stupid to know to put a single cord that plugs in, instead they want to make you buy their extra special cords. Beyond that their speakers might have great bass but they blow on the oddest of notes, and any contact with customer support is met with a "Open another ticket with this department" again and again until you no longer have the will to complain. Do not trust this company, nor their machines, they want to take your money and offer you pieces of trash in return.

By Amazon Customer on May 10, 2017

The sound quality is great for what you're paying for. My issue comes with the bluetooth functionality. It is always on and does not require pairing. Living in an apartment complex means neighbors can pair with your speakers. There is no way of disabling the bluetooth. Terrible oversight.

By Chris H. on May 05, 2017

Avoid these, please. The fact that anyone and their mother can connect to these speakers is quite silly. Also that connecting to it via bluetooth just overrides any existing audio via the 3.5 jack or aux jack. If you want a bluetooth speaker, do yourself a favor and look for a proper bluetooth speaker system, designed to be one, not something that is designed for something else with an afterthought of adding bluetooth to it.Aside from that, yes the sound is fantastic. Just a simple button for pairing a BT device... is that so hard to add? Im glad Klipsch didn't design the bluetooth system in my car, or anyone in traffic could pair with it any time they wanted...

By James on May 01, 2017

Bought this from Best Buy. Speakers sound great... but that's not the issue. The problem is bluetooth. It is ALWAYS in pairing mode so anyone within 30 feet of you are able to connect to the speakers and override the 3.5mm input jack. What this means is that anyone near you can spontaneously start blasting music (or other things) without you're permission. There is no way to turn the bluetooth off. It's ALWAYS ON. Oh, and once someone pairs with the speakers, there is no way to go back to the 3.5mm input until they disconnect their device. Even if you unplug the speakers and plug them back in; the bluetooth will automatically reconnect.I guess its fine if you live by yourself, but otherwise... avoid the bluetooth version like the plague. 0/10 would not buy again.

By Amazon Customer on April 29, 2017

I've had this item for a couple of days now so far everything is good it's working great.

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