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Klipsch R6 Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

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Klipsch R6 Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

SGD $295.00
  • Award-winning sound
  • 18 hour battery life
  • aptX and AAC high-definition Bluetooth® streaming
  • Integrated mic with cVc®
  • Call vibration alert 
  • Genuine leather-stitched neckband
  • Electroplated steel exoskeleton
  • IPX4 slash-proof design
  • Super-Slim Oval Ear Tips

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Top Customer Reviews

By Kevin Lee on October 15, 2017

spent an hour powering it up. threw away the 40 language guide. MacBook can't find it, so sent it back.

By Patrick Huston on October 07, 2017

Man I'm really apologized that I'm not an expert like those folks from vine what ever but I'm an music fan and a klipsch fan and for what I paid for these r6 in ear Bluetooth buds from amazon I'm totally pleased with the seal and sound as I thought I would be , and I like them so much I ordered another pair!

By Eric T on September 10, 2017

This is my third neckband headset, and I had the highest hope that this would be the one for me. This headset has outstanding battery life and really good sound. The only problem is the microphone. Everyone complained that they could not hear me. The only way I could be heard is if I pushed the back of the neckband against my neck and then raise my chin in the air looking forward. Any type of movement to the side, or lowering my chin would make me muffled to the caller. I really wanted to keep these, but had to return them since I could not be heard.

By 007's on August 25, 2017

I was completely disappointed with this product..! Klipsch has a great reputation of producing awesome home theatre systems along with computer speakers as well but I am afraid they failed miserably with this fancy over the neck ear buds. For starters, this is a very strange neck band not only is it bulky it also has some weight on it. So if you are looking for a good fitness ear bud this will not be your best choice. I would compare this to the Samsung Level U Pro which is designed for cellphone communication and nothing else. This does not meet the quality standards of a good stereo ear buds because it lacks the dynamic bass range which is unfortunate. One the flipside it does posses an 18 hour battery life unlike most earbuds and over the ear headphones which is a plus if you use it for travel. While it doesn't claim to be noise cancelling the earbuds were designed to fit snug into the ear with more of an oval shape unlike your typical round earbuds which makes it more of an ergonomic fit to filter out the external noise from the outside while the music is playing. Even on sale I think this is still a bit overpriced based on the quality of the output. There other earbuds out there that can produce a similar output for a lot less. I would imagine that its other sibling the Klipsch R6 in-ear earbuds will sound exactly the same less the neckband and battery life span.

By c. T. on August 14, 2017

Works good, but sometimes the Bluetooth will drop for just a second making a popping noise. Could be my phone I'm sure, but I don't have this problem with anything else on BT except these. Still a high quality product.

By Peter D. Beckman on July 15, 2017

These are great. Love the fact you don't need to wrap anything around the outside of your ear do to the light weight ear plugs. The Klipsch patented oval ear pieces are the best. Blue tooth connection is strong. It is so nice to go walking without the cord connected to your phone or iPod. Sound quality is decent, not as good as the X12 bluetooth (which are very expensive and the one I bought the bluetooth cut in and out, I returned it and bought the R6 instead).

By G F Armstrong on March 26, 2017

Excellent sound quality. Comfortable fit. Leather neckband not necessary and the latter drives up the price. Definitely NOT worth the price. Stick with a good quality Bluetooth earphone bud with either a neckband or other style for secure positioning.

By Clara on March 07, 2017

These headphones were very comfortable right from the get-go. However there are 2 alternate sizes included in the kit as well as the middle which was on the set when it arrived. The neck band is sturdy but the weight of it is so evenly distributed it is very easy to forget you are wearing it.The unit also has good range so you are able to walk quite a bit away from whatever device you are connected to. I did notice some interference when I went out to the garage where my husband houses his miners but I’m not sure if that was because of the distance or the miners (bit-coin- they also mess up the garage door remote) I suspect it was the miners though..The device does also allow you to receive phone calls when connected to your phone but I haven’t fully tested this out as I'm usually using these in the evening.While it IS tempting to try to use this while driving the directions do point out that this is quite dangerous and in many places illegal. If you are in the passenger seat and don’t like the driver’s music choice this would be ideal- I think you’d even be able to nap with this on! For the same reason this would probably work well in a hospital setting to block out the constant din of machines and be able to rest comfortably.These are NOT a set to use while working out as any abrupt movement will jostle them causing them to bounce on your shoulders.In my opinion this set is best suited for someone working from a home office who needs to be able to be free of distractions but still receive phone calls.If I've left out any information that you'd like to know or have a question please ask!

By aaliyah_2080 on March 07, 2017

These have great sound,volume, bass and a very clear call quality. That being said, the design of these is awful. I feel as though I'm wearing a yoke and the earbuds are painful. Definitely not recommended for long term use. I wasn't able to connect to two devices simultaneously and voice commands would be nice at this price point. If the comfort and design of the Bose quiet control 30 could be coupled with the call clarity and sound of these headphones, they would be perfect. I will be returning these to Best Buy.

By Jorge. G on March 04, 2017

Seriously, these just keep on going throughout the WHOLE day. Worked a 15hr shift the other day and these just kept on playing all day long.Sound quality is also very good as well. The same if slightly better than my Klipsch R6 BT'sI was also very surprised that these were also comfortable around the neck. They don't move around much either.These won't disappoint, get them!

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