Klipsch Reference On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

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Klipsch Reference On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Regular Price: SGD $399.00

Special Price: SGD $179.00

This is a clearance product. 
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  • Intense, detailed acoustics
  • 20 hour battery life
  • aptX and AAC high definition bluetooth streaming
  • Integrated mic with cVc
  • Removable ear cushions

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Five Stars

By Alejandro A. on September 29, 2017

Excellent sound quality.

By Ivanslav1 on September 08, 2017

I decided to try these because I own a Klipsch soundbar and love the soundbar. After two uses I can tell you these are the finest pair of headphones I have ever owned. I have owned Bose Triport and Audio Technica MX50 in the past. These are simply better. I used the Bluetooth setup, which easily paired to my iPhone 7. The sound was simply beautiful on multiple genres of music. I tested out smooth Jazz, Spanish guitar, classic rock and heavy metal. All sounded great. The best part was I could not "max" out the volume. Basically, means I could turn the volume up to my comfort level and still have room to turn it up more. Highly recommend Klipsch.

By Danny Lanham on September 06, 2017

Got these as a thirty year service award from my job. Makes yard work including mowing much more enjoyable.

By M. Stewart on September 04, 2017

95 Decibels of hearing-loss level sound never sounded so good. These headphones work good as both high fidelity playback of your favorite tunes, and does a decent job of handling phone calls. Phone call clarity of the microphone was good. I did have trouble pairing it with an Alcatel A30 PLUS cell phone; it is a fairly new cell phone with Android 7, but may not have the latest and greatest Bluetooth support. This headset supports aptX hi def BT streaming. The other reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is limited control of music and switching to phone calls; the  Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 has a lot of gestures you can do on on of the earcups, and are noise-cancelling to boot. Also, no aggressive head shaking when listening to the B-52s as theses may slide off!

By Gabriel on September 04, 2017

This headphone is for iphone,ipod and ipad. if you are android user don't buy it. I only found out the hard way after it was delivered and I spent countless hours to pair it to my note 5

By Todd on August 28, 2017

All I can say is wow! I can actually hear all the sounds in the music. I heard drums that sounded like drums and not someone hitting tin cans like I do with my old in earphones which ive quickly given away. I never wouldve imagined headphones could replicate the full range of human hearing 20hz-20hz plus sound soo soo good while doing it im astounded. Im used to car audio achieving the 20hz-20hz range for a good value and ive recently got into the home audio and its a nightmare finding good matching componets much less get the full 20hz-20hz range for a good price. Had I known in the begining there were these headphones I would have not gotten any home stereo gear lol

By pleasantries on August 06, 2017

Within three months these headphones developed a crack in the plastic. A month later they stopped working entirely. Wouldn't turn on or charge. I wish I had returned them immediately because they are also super bulky and the functionality of the buttons is poorly designed. Sadly I waited too long and the company would not issue a refund. They did give me a new set via the warranty, but it looks the same and will likely break again. The warranty is only one year. I'm really disappointed because this is the most expensive purchase i've made in the last 5 years at least. It honestly feels really fraudulent- to charge someone so much money for such a cheap product!

By cec6 on August 01, 2017

Ordered these in January of this year. The foam has fallen out of the ear pads and adjustable straps are also coming apart. Sound quality is good. Very poorly made.

Three Stars

By Leonard Lopez on July 26, 2017

Sound level just wasn't what I expected. I returned these and bought my Sony Bluetooth headphones.

By Paolo on July 02, 2017

I love listening to music and I own Klipsch speaker which is the reason I purchase this headphone. One reason I choose this headphone because you can use it wirelessly or wired. It is also cheaper compared to Beats headphones.The sound is very clear and not too much bass. The headphone is very comfortable to use and I can probably wear it for extended amount of time without hurting my ear.But the plastic shroud that surrounds the screw is already broken with the headphone arrived. As mentioned by another purchaser this is probably a design flaw since his headphones developed hairline cracks on those plastics.As much as I love Klipsch, I would not recommend this headphone if those plastics gets broken easily and will develop hairline cracks.

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