Klipsch X6i

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Klipsch X6i

Regular Price: SGD $329.00

Special Price SGD $119.00

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Regular Price: SGD $329.00

Special Price SGD $119.00

  • KG-723 full-range balanced armature
  • Die-cast zinc and co-moulded elastomer housing
  • Three-button remote + mic

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Top Customer Reviews

By Cliente Amazon on October 06, 2017

Sorry but the tips in the packaging of these earbuds are too amall for my ears! Where can I find bigger tips for these Klipsch earbuds?

By Michael Taylor on October 05, 2017

These headphones constantly slip out of my ears no matter which buds I use. Do not buy.

By Randall P. Sanders on October 02, 2017

Unbelieveable sound. Perfect fit too (similar to Etymotic) without having to change tips. Mic works great for calls. Can't compliment these enough for retail or lower price. Got mine for around $60 and never heard better at that price.

By Vedran Horvat on September 25, 2017

While great in design and look solid, the right earbud stopped working after 6 months. This shouldn't be the case after what I consider normal use. Will make warranty claim. Apart from that the earbuds are good and they sound good without being overwhelming on the bass response.

No Bass!

By kbcor on September 22, 2017

Beautiful midrange and highs but no bass. Very disappointing from a product from Klipsch. My Apple earbuds sound better!

By nikolaus schad on September 17, 2017

Best headphones I've ever had 180$ for white ones lol) Seriously I compare ever other sound system to the immersion and wide balanced range of these ear buds. Can't be beat for this price.

By Rodney A. Pruitt on September 11, 2017

A long time ago, I worked for a company that got Klipsch products for discount. So, I ordered a pair of the x20 and loved them until the cables got brittle and I could no longer repair them when they broke. I haven't had a good set of earbuds since to be honest. Now I am no longer associated with that company and can't get the discount so I was iffy about the price of the x20's. I did a bunch of comparison shopping and always came back to these. The price is right and I knew the quality of Klipsch had to be there. I don't have any regrets whatsoever. These are beautifully made, compact, and sounds amazing. I was worried that the larger size compared to the x20 would bother me. Not at all! They fit my ear just as well as the x20's did and stay in until I want them out. I'm prepping for a half marathon and all in ear buds I've used always slip out or don't make a good seal so excess noise comes in or the audio is not as great. These stay in and sound great the whole time. If you've never had a good pair of in ear buds you may not realize they are supposed to fit tight and deep. With the right tip it's a bit snug but you forget they are even there until you think about the outside noise being "gone". Also, some reviews said the buttons don't work well with Android, I haven't had any issues. I have a PixelXL and it seems to work with my Amazon Music app just fine.

By D. Howe on September 06, 2017

Finding the right tips to use was a bother, but once I found the best ones for me, a new world was opened. I hear details I never noticed before, and the sound is really excellent. I think some will want punchier bass, but I think it is well balanced and accurate. As a professed audiophile, I want neutral earphones and speakers that simply deliver the recording without enhancement. These do a great job, especially considering their price!

Five Stars

By Fred C. on August 31, 2017

Beautiful fit and great sound.

By Michael Farrugia on August 31, 2017

These earbuds are amazing and probably the best I've ever had. Bought them for $68. Pair them with Comply foam tips and you have yourself a great setup. For the record the microphone and stop/start button works with Galaxy S7 edge, the volume up and down doesn't. Thought I'd clarify as there seems to be conflicting information as to whether these are compatible with Android so if you have an s7 edge there is some compatability.

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