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Klipsch XR8i

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Klipsch XR8i

SGD $469.00
  • KG-2365 AcuPass two-way hybrid driver
  • KG-065 dynamic woofer
  • KG-723 balanced armature tweeter
  • Die-cast zinc and co-moulded elastomer housing
  • Three-button remote + mic

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Five Stars

By S.T. on October 04, 2017

Best bass for in ear headphones.

By Blake on October 02, 2017

EDIT: After a few more days trying these out, I have decided to changed the review from 2 stars to 1 star. The amount of pain caused by having these in your ears for more than a couple minutes is just unacceptable. Even when I take them out, the pain persists for up to an hour. I will be trying the Comply tips eventually and I will update the review if they fix the problem, but the 1 star will remain no matter what. I strongly advise against buying these if you have not had the chance to try them out for yourself, in which case you wouldn't need to be looking at reviews anyway. If they somehow end up fitting your ears and don't cause massive pain, I still don't know if they would be worth the price. If you don't want to be disappointed, please look at a different brand with more reviews. I wish I would have.This review is based on my personal experience and my very critical audiophile ears, and will definitely not relate to everyone, but let me start by saying I was incredibly underwhelmed by these headphones. I chose these because of the dedicated woofer and overall very positive reviews, which I am now confused about. To make things simple, I will list everything good and bad about the headphones.Good: Bass. The bass response in these is excellent. The texture that you get in some songs in the lower frequencies from the dedicated subwoofer driver is something I have never experienced before. This extends into the mid-bass range as well. Songs with heavy low guitar like stuff by Korn, System of a Down, enter your favorite metal/hard rock band here, are incredible through these and it can be like listening to it for the first time. The bass is also very nice and accurate in rap/hip hop, but it wasn't quite as loud as I was expecting in some songs. I listen to a lot of heavy-bass music in my car with around 1500W rms going to 2 12" subs, so I am used to the bass in songs shaking me to the core. If you want that same kind of pressure from the bass with headphones, these probably aren't going to wow you, but they are accurate. Also, as expected, there is very little to no distortion when cranking the volume, but the bass response does not scale that great with the mids and highs past like 70% volume. A good headphone amp might fix this. However, this is about the extent of the goodness of these headphones. They do feel quite sturdy, and will probably last a very long time with good care. The packaging is also very nice, which means absolutely nothing to me.Bad: Just about everything else. The frequency ranges above the mid-bass region are very average-sounding in my opinion. They are definitely accurate, but there is something missing. There is no real sense of a sound stage or any openness with these. There is separation of different instruments, sounds, devices, whatever, but it really sounds like its all coming from a small place, which obviously it is, but it is quite underwhelming when you hear it yourself. I feel like the drop off at the very high frequency end is too soon, and I'm missing some of the finer detail at that end. The biggest dealbreaker with these phones for me is the patented oval ear tips they come with. These tips are absolutely awful for me. I have never had any issues with comfort with any kind of high-end or low-end IEM with silicone tips, usually medium-size, until now. I have tried every size included with these, and the best one that fits tightest and with the least pain is the bigger double-flange tips, but "best" doesn't mean good. Having these in my ears for more than 15 minutes produces horrible pain in both ears, and I attribute this to the awkward oval shape of the tips. If your ear canal isn't perfectly shaped for these, prepare to be in pain. There is also no way to keep any of the tips from sliding out after a few minutes, probably because of how heavy the earphone/casing is, and not helped by the oval tips. I can get a great seal with the tips pushed in correctly at first, but it only lasts for a few minutes until they start to slide out and/or get very painful. And yes, I assure all of you I am putting them in my ear properly, and I've tried turning them in every direction desperately trying to enjoy my experience. Like another reviewer, when I put them in the opposite ear, they actually fit much better and it almost seems like they were designed to be this way, but obviously you don't want to have them switched like that so it isn't solution. I also want to stress just how bad the pain is with these in. I have never in my life had earphones that were this painful and uncomfortable in my ears. The apple earpods are more comfortable than these to me, which says a lot. Another feature that falls short is the carrying case. It looks nice, feels nice, but I would never cram these earphones in that tiny little case. You have to perfectly roll them up just to fit them in the case, and then the case just bends them even more when you close it. It seems much safer to just leave the headphones sitting in your pocket rather than putting so much strain on them in the carrying case.I will attach pictures showing how pathetic the carrying case is. Another thing that will probably annoy others like me is how these sound on-the-go just simply plugged into an iPhone. Granted I still have an iPhone 5, so newer iPhones may well have better sound processing, but the XR8i's sound much more average in this setting. My main use for these is listening to music walking to-and-from class or maybe at the library studying, and when I only have my iPhone to use, the sound isn't that much of a step-up from a pair of $20 skullcandy's. When plugged into my computer with a decent sound card, they do sound very good, but most of the time I am not using them in my computer, only really for critical listening.Overall, I do think these headphones sound very nice, but paying over $200 for them is not worth it at all, and $150 is even pushing it. If I don't return these, I'm going to get the Comply tips to see if they can provide a better fit, and if they don't I have no choice but to return. It really is pathetic that Klipsch's "so comfortable it's patented" ear-tips are as bad as they are, at least with these earphones, and I find it quite silly that they don't include any foam tips with this type of hybrid, bass-heavy earphone. I do not appreciate having to spend $20 extra to get a tip that isn't painful, when the tips on any entry-level earphone feel completely fine and provide a decent seal in my ears. My girlfriend also attests that the provided tips are uncomfortable in her ears, so it isn't just me. She isn't nearly as obsessed with audio as me, but her opinion is that the XR8i's sound only slightly better than her Bose Soundsport earphones, which I think are pretty low quality, but at least they are really comfortable.

Three Stars

By Jay Mahler on September 21, 2017

The ear headphones sound great,but they can fit the ear better.

By vic on September 13, 2017

why I feel better when I plug left earphone on my right ear, and same to the right one. It is more stable in this way. any one have same problem.

By Avery H. on August 09, 2017

Great bass and stays in your ears comfortably for a long time.Make sure you get these puppies when they are on sale. I'm not sure they are worth $260 but i'd certinly recommend them for around $160 which was about what i ended up paying for them.High quality build. Sound is on point.

By Kindle Customer on August 07, 2017

I own a dozen different wired, high end earbuds and these are my favorite. Unfortunately they are designed for iPhones which never makes sense to me when you consider the installed base of Android vs iOS phones.I bought them early and paid full retail, at $180 it's a no brainier. However, they promote the ear buds themselves which are good but I prefer the longer flanged style from Etymotic Research which work perfectly on the XR8i's.

By Kelvin G. on May 18, 2017

I happened to try out the sound of r6i, x6i, xr8i, x12i, except x20i which is out of my budget. I am no audiophile. I only choose whichever that I feel that it's awesome enough for me. r6 seems to be very normal without much excitement. x6 is pretty cool - sound is clear and bright. When I tried on the xr8i, boy I was impressed. I personally like bass. This wasn't too strong which I feel was bad for my eardrums over long listening, but instead it feels warm and bouncy. I believe x6 and xr8 are using the same drivers, except the latter has an additional bass driver and thus the hybrid. I didn't pay too much attention to x12i as I thought that I had made up my mind. I remembered it sounded crisp and superior but I still prefer the bass.As for the design wise, though xr8i is the biggest among all, I have no problem fitting them nicely to my ears and feeling comfortable. I've tried other brands of iem and sometimes they hurt over long listening. Somehow I didn't like the design of x6i and x12i. One looks like any other earphone while the other has this banana shape which may break into 2 if there's a hard impact on it. Xr8i has this metallic shell which feels nice and sturdy. After all, it's just a personal preference.

By AHou on May 10, 2017

I bought these for my boyfriend, and he loves them. He's a total audiophile, so it's difficult to find headphones he will actually love. These do the trick for inexpensive ear buds. He wanted me to make clear that they are not technically audiophile grade because they do not have perfect ratings on bass, frequency, distortion, etc., but they are pretty darn close. If you are looking for something that sounds incredible, these are clear and can handle a lot of bass. They also don't provide much feedback, which is wonderful. The other great thing is that they work for people with smaller ears. I have trouble finding headphones small enough for my ears, and I can wear his easily without pain. BUY THEM!

By Amazon Customer on April 21, 2017

All I can say is AWESOME AWESOME!! Sounds like you are listening to surround sound!! Love the bass that klipsch is known for and loved. Very comfortable earbuds. Can wear them for hours without discomfort.

By DAXX on March 27, 2017

I recently got these as an upgrade from my Shure SE 215. After unboxing them I played them and played them, then compared them to the Shure 215. Now I must state that I did not burn the headphones in. I do not know if this would have altered the sound to a noticeable level. However, as it is, I came away with these thoughts. The XR8i sounds excellent. The bass is punchy, however these are not a BIG BASS headphone. The detail is clean and crisp and I found them to have good soundstage. Overall, just really nice sound. A couple of things I did not like though, one was that only the largest of the earbuds, in fact only one set of the supplied earbuds made these sound good in my ears. When i tried the other ear pieces all the bass was lost. I really had no idea that the earbuds that fit on the headphones dictated so profoundly how then sound. So i guess having one set of buds that make these sound good should be good enough. The other thing that bugged me was although the Klipsch XR8i did sound better than the Shure SE 215, it was not by a wide margin. Given the price difference it did not sit well with me. I think if they had a bit more bass and were cheaper I would have kept them hands down as they are a smooth, detailed sound. I suppose I should add I am a fan of the Shire IEM designs. The Klipsch, being a traditional earbud design, felt like they were never in my ears very well compared to the Shures. Of course that just could be because I am so used to the Shures and like their design. I would certainly recommend the Klipsch XR8i IEM, but not at this price point. The four stars are for the sound - though could have more bass for me - but I like subwoofers in my car stereos. In the end I returned these.

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