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08 November 2017

The Klipsch RSB-3 Sound Bar

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While floor-standing speakers and home theater systems undoubtedly sound great, they take up a whole load of space. Especially in Singaporean homes that are becoming smaller, living space has become a precious and expensive commodity.

General Manager for APAC, Vince Bonacorsi and Senior Product Manager, Vlad Grodzinskiy from Klipsch experienced this to the full when they visited a condominium show flat in Singapore last year. They realized that with gargantuan floor-standing speakers in your living room, there would not be much ‘living’ left. This was when they got back to designing a compact sound solution, tailor-made for our limited living room spaces.

Enter the RSB-3 all-in-one soundbar.


Armed with two dual ¾ inch horn-loaded tweeters and two 2.5 inch oval woofers, with another integrated 2.5 inch subwoofer, the RSB-3 eliminates the need for a separate subwoofer – without compromising on any bit of sound.

Additionally, the RSB-3 is able to decode 5.1-channel Dolby audio and features a Dialogue Enhancement Mode for better movie enjoyment. More impressively, the Virtual Surround Mode that it wields is able to simulate a 7.1 system to take your music and movie experience to a whole new level. 

With such a powerful package, the RSB-3 comes in a diminutive length of just 91.4cm, with a depth of just 10.2cm, and stands at 6.5cm tall (or short). It will easily fit under most televisions, or be wall-mounted and to fit in elegantly with your furniture.

While making your TV sound that much better, the RSB-3 also allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled devices, handling both movies and music with equanimity. You’d be surprised – then impressed with the stellar sonic performance that this compact all-in-one solution offers. Get yours right here.

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