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Paul Wilbur Klipsch (PWK) was a pioneer, madman, genius all rolled into one. His foray into the speaker industry has changed, and continues to impact the way we listen to music today.

With the goal of bringing live music into his living room, he designed and built the fabled Klipschorn speaker with his very own hands, back in 1946. To say he succeeded would be a major understatement. Fast forward to today, the tiny tin shed in which he started out is now a full-fledged factory with its own production line. Times have changed, but the mission remains the same: to create the world’s best speakers.

It was impossible to reproduce the sound of a live orchestra inside one’s home – until the Klipschorn came along. It is the only speaker in the world to be continuously produced for over 70 years, withstanding the test of time and competition. In the way that PWK would have wanted it, Klipschorn speakers are still made by hand in Hope, Arkansas even today. and are still considered among the world’s finest loudspeakers.

PWK was a verifiable genius who could have chosen any number of vocations, but the world sounds a lot better because he chose audio (Yours could too, if you choose Klipsch). Amongst his many accolades, PWK was inducted into the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame in 1997, sharing the honor with the likes of Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. It recognizes individuals who have improved the quality of the human condition using engineering and scientific principles.


Four Principles

PWK believed in four principles that still, and will continue to drive the design of Klipsch speakers today:

High Efficiency: The horn-loaded technology in each of its speakers results in both the dynamic and accurate transmission of sound.

Low Distortion: Klipschorn technology also allows both the reproduction of soft sounds with outstanding clarity and detail, as well as loud sounds without harshness nor distortion.

Controlled Directivity: When sound is accurately directed, a more lifelike soundstage is created, which is exactly what Klipschhorn technology does.

Flat Frequency Response: Klipsch speakers are stunningly accurate, with no artificially enhanced sounds, delivering to you your music exactly as the artist intended to.


No Bullsh*t

PWK famously threw a hi-fi magazine into the air and screamed “Bullsh*t!” as he saw an advertisement claiming “another major breakthrough”. His uncompromising attitude not only resulted in our “No Bullsh*t” slogan, but also an insatiable pursuit for audio perfection.

With every Klipsch speaker you can be assured that there are no frills, no paid advertisements, just pure audio goodness.

An Audio Legacy

More than his genius inventions that would continue to impact generations of music lovers, his passion for music has enabled theirs. With an audio career spanning 56 years, 23 patents, numerous

and awards, and living till the ripe old age of 98, PWK is a true legend, and his legacy lives on in every single speaker that we make today.

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