Here are three ways to switch things up and help make the day extra special for our dads!

 #1 Cooking with/for dad

This circuit breaker season has seen the unexpected awakening of many inner Masterchef dreams. Give him a break from cooking (or doing the dishes) and whip up something impressive. Here’s a list of quick and easy recipes from all kinds of cuisines that your dad might be craving!15 Family Dinner Recipes in Under 30 Minutes (Women’s Weekly)

For those of us who aren’t as skilled in the kitchen, why not put some internet-famous recipes to the test together with our dads! I Tried Recreating 7 Internet-Famous Recipes (Mashable)

Even if these recipes don’t turn out well, you can have a great laugh together (before you S.O.S. for McDonald’s). In that case, here are some helplines with great deals you can look forward to! Stay Home Takeaway Delivery Deals (Miss Tam Chiak)


While you’re busy cooking up a storm, fill the home with the acoustically warm tunes of The Three GVA speaker. Not only is its retro design and tactile knobs and switches sure to invite nostalgia of the good ol’ days, but it comes equipped with the Google voice assistant to help you keep on your tasks. Even when you have your elbows deep in cooking equipment!


#2 Watching A Movie

Cozy up on the couch as a family and enjoy these classic dad movies that are sure to bring everyone together!


Take your movies to the next level with Dolby Atmos. Our Sonos Arc has upward-firing drivers built-in which bounces sound from the ceiling so that you can experience sound in 3D. Brilliant sound is no longer just beside or behind you, but it’s a whole atmospheric experience. 


#3 Listening To Each Other’s Favourite Songs

Here’s a Spotify playlist you can have on as the family comes together for a meal. Spotify partnered with Sonos to curate the best data-driven playlist for every dad out there. If your dad gave you a love of music, now you can give it back to him.

Fancy a trip down memory lane? You can take this opportunity to look through photos and memories together as you listen to these songs too! Fusing the old and the new, the Marshall Stanmore II is a great speaker to enjoy the greatest hits in his times and ours. 

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