Why Should You Add In-Ear Monitors to Your Arsenal?


Whether you’re into rock, country, metal, pop, or gospel music, one of the basic requirements of making great music is often overlooked. The more detail you are able to hear during performances, from yourself and the other musicians, the better you will perform.


And while you can rely on your own naked ears or stage monitors, the absolute best way to ensure that you are hearing the true sound of your performance is a set of in-ear monitors.


Luckily, Fender’s new Pro Series of in-ear monitors (IEMs) are here to help. Relying on over 70 years of excellence in instrument and audio tool development, Fender’s five new IEM models offer supreme audio technology that allows you to perform with a consistent, dialed-in mix from the studio to the nightclub to the biggest stages in the world.


So why add Fender Pro Series IEMs to your arsenal? Here are a few reasons that tell you why these monitors are essential.

Superior Sound

The technology in the Fender IEMs is truly state-of-the-art. Each of the models contains custom-designed drivers, and select models (the FXA7 and FXA6) feature a patented Hybrid-Dynamic tuned Balanced Armature Array (HDBA) for a rich, full frequency response with substantial bass and an overall stunning performance.


Fender IEMs also eliminate up to 22dB of ambient noise (up to 18dB noise reduction in the DXA1) to eliminate interference while simultaneously protecting a listener’s hearing from the strong transients that can occur in live environments.


In addition, there is nuance that you don’t even hear in your house when you’re practicing. The details in the strings, the changing strumming patterns, the tone of your voice. Fender IEMs let you hear what you actually sound like but have never noticed before.



Let’s face it—it can be a drag to lug around a heavy floor monitor from gig to gig. With Fender IEMs, you can easily tuck the included carrying case in your guitar case or knapsack and roll out the door.


Once you’re at the studio or a venue, the portability continues, as there is total freedom of movement. You won’t be tied down to wedges and can take your personal mix—dialed in on a smartphone—anywhere you may roam.


Comfortable Fit

Ever wear a bulky set of headphones for an extended period of time? How did your ears and neck feel at the end of that session? Fender IEMs can take that cumbersome headgear out of the equation.

What’s more, the 3D-printed Digital Hybrid Technology housings in the higher-end models suit 95 percent of ears after scanning thousands of ears for that nearly universal fit.

Oh, and that flexible cable with the 360-degree rotation helps the IEMs tuck flawlessly behind your ear. No more fidgeting with an annoying rigid cord!

Browse the Fender IEM range right here.


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