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For all the frequent flyers and road warriors out there, music – and hence a pair of earphones – is a necessity. With the vast array of choices out there, here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for the perfect pair of earphones to meet your rigorous travel demands.


For frequent flyers, bag and luggage space come at a premium. Huge headphones may give you huge sound, but even the most foldable of headphones take up a lot of space. Heck, even for the regular commuter, the bulkiness and hassle of carrying huge headphones around is enough to deter. In-ear earphones are lightweight, take up minimal amount of space, and can also sound great (if you pick the right pair)!

Noise Isolation

What do engine noise, babies crying and people talking have in common? They get in the way of you and your music. A good pair of earphones made of quality components not only provide top-class comfort, but let you enjoy your music to the fullest. Tune in to all the details of your music while tuning out the rest of the world. If you’re looking to catch forty winks, they can also function as great earplugs as well.


Earphones that are broken make no sound, even the best-sounding ones. Travelling and everyday use puts your gear to the test, and your earphones are no exception. In our books, a great pair of earphones must not only sound, look, and feel great, they must also last. The bare minimum should be a carrying case that is provided with the purchase of your earphones.


Some people find it hard to comprehend that some earphones cost a bomb. You’ll be spending long hours with your cans, so why settle for less? From the booming, bassy dynamic drivers to the crisp, pristine balanced armatures, there is something out there for everyone. While a higher price does not necessarily guarantee “better” sound, finding the sound signature that you like is the crux of the matter.


If you happen to be a business traveler (or just a social monster), a microphone for your calls is a must. On the go, conference calls can be a pain on the road or in noisy environments. Earphones should not only provide a good seal to block out ambient noise, but have a mic with good call quality and clarity to ensure smooth calling experiences. 

What do you look for in your earphones?

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