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Erato /

28 April 2018

Serious Bass. The Erato RIO 3

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The RIO 3 is designed with not just exceptional bass and audio performance, but with an industry-leading playback time of up to six hours.


The proprietary 14.2mm Comply diaphragm driver delivers balanced sound with exceptional bass. With a driver that’s almost twice the size of a normal earphone’s, the RIO 3 creates the ultimate listening experience. Compatible with aptX, AAC and SBC codecs and featuring a waterproof design, the RIO 3 works best for active individuals who want high-quality audio for their workouts, all without any wires in sight.

rio 2

With a water-resistant coating and up to six hours of playback time, the RIO 3 is the perfect earphone for when you’re sweating it out during your next workout, be it a short gym session or full marathon. With a built-in MEMS mic, you never have to miss another phone call as well. The RIO 3 is built for active individuals looking to get the most out of their true wireless earphones. Get them right here.

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