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17 May 2018

Music Makes It Home - Love

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Love, by the numbers.

It’s a movie cliché to dim the lights and flip on the Marvin Gaye to get that special someone in the mood. But is that just a token scene, or is there data to validate that playing music out loud actually has an effect?

Now there is. And, the answer is: Basically, yes.

In our Music Makes it Home study, Sonos surveyed 30,000 people from around the world and filmed participants in 30 homes to measure how their relationships changed while music played out loud in the home. And what it says has some striking implications for music’s ability to ramp up the romance.

Can you feel the love tonight?

Let’s talk about the effects music has had on attraction and love. Getting touchy-feely for a moment, the memories and emotions music evokes have a powerful effect on bringing two people together. Getting science-y for a moment, music is correlated to hormones that promote expressing love, feeling love and everything in between.

·    Music, much like a good concealer or a mean haircut, can make you more attractive – at least, according to our data which says 59 percent link musical taste to attractiveness. Likewise,though, 28 percent said they suspect a current or recent partner lied about liking a certain genre to seem more attractive.

·    Among the 109 people from 30 families that this study tracked, they overall felt 16 percent more loved when music was out loud, and the share of those who felt extremely loved jumped by 87 percent.

·    One in five survey participants said they enjoy romantic moments more with some music on, and express their love for their partner 47 percent more.

·    Even intuitively, people know music has the power to set the mood – 86 percent said many moments, romantic and otherwise, are enhanced by the right music.

·    That being said, music can also ruin the mood. More than anyone else, the French at 37 percent said they couldn’t date someone with different taste in music (up from the global average of 33 percent). Maybe favorite music joins religion, politics and exes as things not to bring up on a first date.

·    And 18 percent of those surveyed have said “I love you” because of a song that came on.

The next time you feel there’s something in the air tonight, listen a little harder. That something might be sound waves.


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