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Continuing from our previous post on how music can change your life, today we look into the effects of listening on productivity.

Ever chugged down 3 cups of espresso (or bubble tea, if you can afford the weight gain), only to find yourself a few hours later even more exhausted than BEFORE you drank the coffee?

That is what we call… the dreaded caffeine crash.

But when you report bleary-eyed to work in the morning, or when you’re trying to churn out reports for a deadline past midnight, what other choice do you have apart from good ol’ coffee?

Music is the stimulant that sustains
Well, contrary to popular belief, caffeine isn’t the only thing that can give you the rush you need to be more focused and productive. 


And according to findings from Sonos’ Brilliant Sound Survey of 12,000 listeners in 12 countries, music seems to be more potent than coffee.


Just as many say that music helps to spark new ideas when they’re feeling stuck.

A localized version of the study done in Singapore shows a similar result: 54% say that music is more effective than coffee.

When it comes to listening and work performance, the survey results also support the notion that music plays a vital role in our lives.

More than half (52%) of listeners say they wouldn’t be successful at work if they didn’t listen to music. In fact, a staggering 76% of respondents to the survey said that listening to music helps them produce their best work.

Music listened out loud has a better effect
So what does this mean for you?

Well, the next time you find yourself getting up to get a coffee refill in the middle of an all-nighter, why not stop yourself in your tracks and put on some of your favourite tunes? Less caffeine is always good, and too much music never hurt anyone!

And to take it even further – listen out loud. Especially if you’re at home! In a Music Makes It Home Study done by Sonos in 2016, listening to music out loud actually makes you happier too.

Of course, if you’ve grown to be caffeine reliant and completely cannot function without coffee, fair warning: don’t go cold turkey with just your Spotify subscription and speakers. As with any other mind-altering substance, results of choosing music over coffee vary based on the person and their circumstances.

Before you go, check out some of these recommended playlists!


And if you’re interested to know what speakers you should get to listen to at home (also applies for the office if you’re a boss looking to increase your employees’ productivity), check out this post and this post.

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