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Calling all new home owners: We all want a home that is lively, happy, and cosy.

If you are moving into a new place or looking to perk things up in your house, there are some non-compromisable additions to your home. Read on to find out how we can avoid the silent home:

A Silent Home is a place where the absence of music exacerbates the stress and pressures of modern life. A home where people live side-by-side, but not together. It is a problem that affects more than two thirds of our homes. We all recognise situations like that, and would want to avoid that by all means.

We spoke to some of the world’s foremost experts across diverse fields from psychology to media, design to architecture, as well as 9,000 real homes to help us understand what is bringing silence into our homes. Read on to find out the cases and conditions of The Silent Home, and how to avoid or solve that:

The work/life balance boundary is blurred. 
9-to-6 has become 24/7 and we are feeling the pressure – with 58% yearning for a better work/life balance. It’s no surprise to hear that Singapore is ranked as the third most sleep-deprived city in the world, with 50% saying that they sleep badly as they use their smartphones before going to sleep. The impact of work on our life at home is obvious.

Face-to-face has been replaced by screen-to-face. Families are more connected than ever with the digital world, but are ironically becoming increasingly disconnected from each other at the same time. Almost 50% of households spend more time interacting with personal technology at home than with each other. 62% said more of their social interactions are in the digital world. Not surprisingly, Singaporeans stand out as one of the most active social media users on the planet, with the second highest social penetration rate of 59%, more than double the global average.

Work, lessons, vacuum, bills, repeat. Our precious time is being squeezed to its limit. 58% say it’s hard to find time to finish all their daily commitments and four fifths said they would like to spend more time doing activities in-person with their family and friends. (Salary and benefits no longer hold the solid lead it once had, which work-life balance rapidly rising in importance, coming in at a close second, separated by just a few percentage points.)

The crime of having free time - Our days are filled with work and social commitments. The result is a feeling of constant busyness - such that it feels like a crime to have free time in our hands! We value any moment by its usefulness in pursuit of some future goal. Yet when it arrives, we instantly re-focus on the goal that still lies ahead. We’re missing out on life in a fundamental way.

Today’s homes were designed to promote connection, with open-floor plans to invite family togetherness and interaction. In reality, high noise levelsin the open home often lead us to crave personal space. So we retreat – 44% of us end up listeningalone or on headphones and cutting everyone else off.



People are pursuing the unicorn of instant music gratification, but TVs, laptop speakers, Bluetooth and portables all seem easier, but they just don’t offer the thrill of a great sound system – and then there’s all the drop-outs and interruptions. Couples who listen out loud together report spending 37% more “awake time” together than those who fail to make music a priority. A staggering 86% observe that their shared moments are enhanced by the right music, not the ping of a text message.


A lost connection to the intangibles that brings us joy and a peace of mind. 
60% of music lovers surveyed across nine countries conceded that they listen to music less now than when they were younger. When we’re young, music means so much. It adds to our lives until work, bills, the pressures of life and the ever-presence of technology take over and music gets squeezed to the margins. Almost all the technological solutions that were supposed to make music better had the unintended consequence of making it worse. We work late, caught up in an endless cycle of busyness, and when we’re not doing that, we’re immersed in our devices.

Music is not sounding as great as it’s created to sound from the studio. 46% of music listeners surveyed expressed concern that the electronic devices in their homes aren’t as compatible with each other as they should be, while a full 60% concluded that those same devices become obsolete too quickly. Component stereos sound great, but they’re complicated and trap music in the one room. Home theater is similarly complex, and it doesn’t work for music because the sound is over-optimized for special effects.

It’s time to reconnect, shake off the shackles of our over-stuffed schedules and reclaim the time that is ours. It is critical we invite music back into every corner of our lives.

In fact, in recent years, Sonos conducted an experiment to see if listening to music out loud at home could affect relationships. We showed that homes filled with music were happier, closer, more loving.

So with such powerful benefits, why aren’t we all listening to more music together, why isn’t every home filled with music?

You can wake up the Silent Home with Sonos today.

Get listening by booking a FREE Sonos Demo down at our showroom, or visit our webstore today.

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