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Klipsch The Three Heritage Wireless Speaker

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Klipsch The Three Heritage Wireless Speaker

SGD $799.00
  • Walnut
  • Ebony

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SGD $799.00
  • Astounding, room-filling acoustics
  • Mid-century modern design
  • Professionally-tuned stereo sound
  • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity
  • Supports aptX™ codec
  • Superior bass reflex
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System
  • USB audio
  • RCA line level /  phono pre-amp input

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Top Customer Reviews

By G. Martin on October 01, 2017

This is the best sounding speaker! I use it in my motorhome when we travel and it provides lots of quality sound at the campground parties!

By Anthony Kubat on September 28, 2017

Boy does this little box pack a punch. We have it in the kitchen, and primarily use Bluetooth with various devices. The bass is never too much, and the treble is not to bright. I replaced a similarly sized speaker with The Three, and I think The Three is much better. There is minimal distortion when turning it up loud. The Klipsch Stream App doesn't play well with my Apple Time Machine, so that's one thing to be aware of if you really want to use the WiFi input. I found this after my WiFi input dropped out a couple times, but it's really not a big deal for us.If you are looking for a quality shelf sized speaker, and you can afford this, I wouldn't hesitate.

By Gaz Rendar on September 25, 2017

The Klipsch Wireless Three is a fantastic speaker for those who value sound quality and looks, but don't need complex multi-room wireless access to their music catalog.Plain and simple, the Klipsch Three is a highly attractive speaker. I love the vintage look of this thing from the speaker mesh, to the top and bottom veneer, to the copper switches and knobs - the speaker fits right at home on a bookshelf or end table as a conversation piece, let alone speaker. The Klipsch R&D department definitely spent some quality time on the hardware. If your primary need is a speaker that you can connect to every which way, the Three is perfect for you. It has WiFi access to your home network, direct Bluetooth, a USB cable for hook up to a PC (must install a driver on the computer), a 3.5mm jack, and stereo RCA inputs. This connection versatility is by far the greatest strength of the Three. You should have no problem hooking the speaker up to your phone, tablet, stereo receiver, computer, or old MP3 player.The sound is also top-notch for the price and size. Everything from classical music, to rock, to R&B all sound crisp and clear. I was impressed by how well balanced the sound was from lows to highs. The Three's moderate size has no problem filling up a large living room with sound using the mid-range volume levels that have no distortion. If you have 6-10 chatty people in the same living room, you will have to increase the volume to the top 80%, and you can detect a touch of distortion on some bass notes. Still, for the size and price, the Three's sound is high quality and should fit most users' practical needs.So where does the Three come up short? Well, for me, it's in the wireless (WiFi) connectivity. The obvious competitor for the Klipsch Three is the Sonos Play 3 or Sonos Play 5 with the Klipsch Three's price is right in between those two Sonos products. The Klipsch Three looks (personal opinion) and sounds better than the Play 3. The Klipsch Three sounds just as good as the Play 5, and depending on whether you like a modern or vintage look, it probably looks better too. I've been a Sonos user for years, and I can tell you that the Klipsch Three is the speaker that’s in my living room, prominently displayed on an end table, because it's great for parties in terms of attractiveness and sound. However, it has limitations compared to Sonos.The Klipsch app for iOS and Android is better than I expected. The number of streaming services available to you rivals Sonos, and really, all the ones that you probably care about are there, with Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora being the key ones. At the moment, it lacks Apple Music, though. Unfortunately, the Klipsch app is more limited when it comes to accessing your music on a Network Attached Storage Drive (NAS). I have GBs of music files organized in folders on my NAS, but I can’t get to them through the Klipsch app, because it seems like the app needs the music to be under a publically shared folder on your home network. If you have multiple shares (“folders”) on your NAS with various levels of administrative permissions, the Klipsch app can’t find your music. The Sonos app by comparison, especially on the PC, allows you to manage your library down to the last detail, and you can browse your way through all kinds of shared folders. The Klipsch app is limited to what it can locate on what amounts to an auto-detect setting for mp3 and acc files. For many people, this won’t be a big deal. If you have all your music thrown into one giant folder labeled “iTunes” and you designate it as a public share, the Klipsch app should totally work for you. Or if you just stream music from your phone through Bluetooth, again, no problems. But “power” users that have tons of music intricately organized on their home NAS might want to think about the purchase in more detail.The other point that should be obvious, is that you won’t be wall mounting the Klipsch Three, whereas I’ve mounted Sonos Play 1s and Play 3s in my house and I like the clean look of having them hang out of the way on the wall. The Klipsch is a pretty speaker, so you will be taking up bookshelf or coffee table space for it. It’s not a negative, just thought I’d point it out.So in summary, if you are looking for a speaker that is both attractive, and sounds great, and you value versatility in the way you connect to it, I’m hard pressed to find a better speaker to recommend than the Klipsch Three. The only real sticking point is that the app could use some updates to improve the way it finds your library of music on a NAS. If they develop a manual browsing mode through the app, this could be the ultimate speaker in terms of sound, looks, price, and size.

By Amazon Customer on September 07, 2017

Really great sound quality, even more so for the money. I needed a speaker for my office and listed to a lot of the hi-fi brands before coming across this one. To my ears even speakers twice the price don't sound better.I use the USB connection and wasn't looking for a wireless speaker, but I tried connecting my phone via bluetooth... the quality is a bit worse than USB. I played the same mp3 files using both sources, so seems like the bluetooth compression is to blame here. Not sure if it's the implementation in this speaker or bluetooth audio in general - I never compared it to a direct digital connection before. The speaker does feature a proprietary wi-fi connection though and I understand that doesn't suffer from quality loss.

By Michael McCullough on August 09, 2017

The Klipsch Heritage speaker is AMAZING! The sound quality is everything you would expect from Klipsch and more. Crystal clear sound and excellent bass depth. I have been telling all of my friends about this speaker and when they come to my house, they are blown away. I have this hooked directly to my turntable and the sound from the vinyl is warm and clear. When you factor in the retro look, I feel like I stepped back in time. The Bluetooth connection is easy and playing tracks digitally sounds just as good. I can't recommend this speaker more highly.

I love it.

By Liqin Wang on July 29, 2017

This is exactly what I expected! I love it.

By The Technologist on July 19, 2017

In the Fifties and early Sixties home stereos or “Hi-Fi’s” were introduced to the mainstream culture and were all the rage. Before that, hobbyists had to build them from kits in their spare time. People had dinner parties with dancing and after hours smooching. The invention of the LP and new recording techniques allowed average people to have their favorite musicians come play in their living rooms in full high fidelity (hi-fi) instead of those scratchy sounding 78’s.Because these all in one stereo units (which generally included a turntable and amplifier, speakers, sometimes an AM-FM Stereo radio, and if you were lucky - a reel to reel deck) were kept in the living room area where the parties were taking place manufacturers designed nice cabinets to contain the equipment to appeal to housewives in nice woods or other modern finishes. This is the philosophy behind the Klipsch Heritage “The Three“, wireless speaker. It is designed to have a midcentury look with its rich walnut veneer finish, a classic 50’s looking fabric speaker grille, and the spun copper control panel with two knobs and an old school looking rocker power switch. Like the midcentury units, The Three can play a large variety of sources including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (Using DTS Play-Fi Streaming Technology), a 3.5 mm input jack, an RCA input which is switchable so it can be connected to a turntable (yes past, meet future) or any standard line level analog audio source. There is also a USB input for digital sources such as computer audio. It is a very versatile speaker. There is a simple remote included which switches inputs, controls volume, pauses, plays and skips tracks from digital sources, and turns the unit off. When using DTS Play, the app has many of those functions built in, so the majority of the time control will be from the device.Setting up The Three is not very complicated. For analog sources, simply plug them into either the RCA jack or 3.5mm plug, select either source from the source selector knob and you are good to go. If using a turntable be sure to select the turntable switch on the back. To connect using Bluetooth, simply pair the speaker with your phone, tablet, etc. by selecting the Bluetooth source using the knob then holding it down for 3 seconds until the LED blinks and it should show as ready for pairing on your source device. The white LED is supposed to stop flashing once paired according to the manual, but it continues to flash while using Bluetooth mode, which is kind of annoying. Hopefully this will be fixed in an upcoming firmware update. The Three uses DTS-Play Fi Technology to play Wi-Fi connected sources such as internet radio, streaming services, and home media servers. These sources are achieved through the “Klipsch Stream” app on iOS or Android devices, which sets up the Wi-Fi service on the speaker by following the onscreen directions. At first the app did not seem intuitive, but after weeks of use that opinion has changed, it was just a lack of initial understanding how it worked.If there is any downside to The Three it is definitely the interaction between the Stream app and the speaker. There is a two-step process that is required to connect, unfortunately this is not by design. On almost every occasion when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi source using an iPhone 7, it takes more than one attempt. It’s almost as if the first attempt is to find the speaker on the network, or wake it from sleep mode, after the first connection failure, you are good to go on the second attempt, it usually connects right away. I’m not really sure what this is all about. The speaker shows it is connected but when trying to play an internet radio station saved as a favorite the app spins until it times out on the first try, on the second try it appears to work as it should. I’m hoping the engineers are working on a fix for this. Speaking about a fix, another annoying quirk about the app is that every time it is opened it says that an update for the speaker is available, when it there is none. There is a “Launch” button that takes you to a website saying new firmware is being worked on and should be available shortly. That message is going on two months now. Luckily you can turn the notification off in the apps settings (Just be sure to check back on the website occasionally).The Music Services currently offered in Klipsch Stream are Amazon Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, JUKE, KKBOX, Napster, Pandora, Qobuz, SirusXM, Spotify (Connect), and TIDAL. All require you at the least to have an account and most require a fee based subscription. The app gives you the ability to hide the services that you don’t want to see, which is nice. It was a little disappointing to see that the Spotify connection required a subscription, and also that “Plex” was missing as a source option, which is a popular free home server platform. When using the Pandora service the usual thumbs up/down, track information and album art was present, but the Internet Radio tuner does not pass through song information or cover art to the app, even if the station is transmitting it on other apps. Instead, you see just the station information. It was nice to see that song information and album art does get displayed when playing from a local media server, which assumedly is picking up the DNLA broadcast from the Plex Media Server. Music already stored on a phone or tablet may also be played and song info and cover art does get shown. If your network is up the task the app has a “Critical Listening Mode” that supports content up to 24 bit/192 kHz resolution which requires a lot of bandwidth. On good quality recordings this setting did make a difference. I also noticed a difference in the fidelity between Bluetooth and DTS Play- Fi. Bluetooth had apparent compression, while the Play-Fi sounded better, which it should because it is a lossless format, this is noticeable because of the speaker’s high resolution. What is lacking however is Airplay and Chromecast capabilities, which would have made The Three a real winner!Now, let’s talk about the sound that The Three puts out. It is simply amazing for a speaker of this size! Klipsch has really done an excellent job of making a system that has crystal clear highs and deep tight bass that plays at high volume levels without any distortion. The well-tuned frequency response offers a lot of presence that is missing from other similar speakers. Some may think that the bass is too strong and the highs are too bright, but they are actually well balanced. While Klipsch usually uses a horn for its high frequency driver The Three uses two 2.25 inch full range drivers, a 5.5 inch woofer (which are bi-amped) and two 5.5 inch passive radiators providing a frequency response from 45 Hz to 20 kHz - A great range from such a small box. Usually Klispch uses its signature spun copper on its woofers, the grille is not removable so it’s unclear if that is the case here, but it is used on the controls. The low end sound is phenomenal, you’d swear that there is a subwoofer hidden somewhere in the room every time that it is turned on. I am definitely impressed by The Three’s sound! The stereo separation is apparent when you are close to the speaker, but fades the further away you get. Overall, I really like The Klipsch Heritage Wireless “The Three”, however it does have some quirks, and maybe in time these will be figured out. I am taking away one star for the connection problems with the Stream app and because it lacks Airplay and Chromecast capabilities. It is true Bluetooth does do a similar function, however it lacks the higher fidelity and ease of use that they offer. Five stars for the sound quality, build and appearance!PROS:Classic 50's styling with real wood veneer will blend with any decor, but will really accent mid-century modern themed roomsExcellent Sound Quality - Deep Lows and Crisp Highs provide high resolutionPlays loud without distortionPlays from multiple sources, both analog and digital - including a turntableCONS:Close drivers mean that stereo separation diminishes the further away from the speakerKlipsch Stream app is buggy and usually takes two tries to get the source to play from the speakerInternet radio does not pass artwork, artist and song information through to app, even if it is being transmitted by broadcasterLacks Airplay and ChromecastIn Bluetooth mode LED blinks continuously, even though manual says it should be solid once connected

By Kyle G Rossi on July 08, 2017

Oh my. Like a breath of fresh sound into my ears after listening to some other wireless options at my local big box store. I'm glad I took a chance on this. The build is extraordinarily old school in that it's solid and smells like wood. Sound wise, it's everything I could ask of a bread box sized speaker. Give it a week for the base to settle down and the sound to open up. It's got nice detail in the mid range and that punchy Klipsch base. And dang, the thing just looks so good. Solid purchase and highly recommended.

By Myles-z on July 07, 2017

Very happy

Buy it!

By scott cassin on July 05, 2017

Superb. Love it. Performance and fit/finish are top notch. Not much else to say.

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