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Got a gift for dad yet? No? Gasp - didn’t realise it’s Father’s Day this weekend?

Well, don’t panic – we’re here to save the day and provide you with 8 ideas for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

1. T5 Neckband – for the boss dad (SGD 219 | MYR 699 | HKD 1299)
T5 Neckband
This is the perfect earphone-slash-accessory for the boss. Dad’s co-workers are gonna envy the details on this neckband - from hand-stitched edge-treated leather that oozes ultimate class, to cVc 8.0 dual-microphones for crystal-clear conference calls.

2. Philips Hue starter kit E27 – for the forgetful dad
Philips Hue
Slightly hefty on the price tag, but a good investment in the long run when you consider the electrical savings and convenience it offers. Now Dad can control the light switches remotely for those days when he’s forgotten to switch the lights off before leaving home again.

3. Sonos One – for the culinary chef dad (SGD 329 | MYR 1199 | HKD 1999)
Sonos One

Who says only moms cook? If your dad loves to whip up a good meal in the kitchen, this Sonos One is the perfect companion for him. With in-built Alexa (availability based on region) and Google Assistant (currently available in US only), he can easily control music even when his hands are greasy.

4. Kindle Paperwhite 4 – for the bookworm dad (SGD 399)
Kindle Paperwhite
If your dad is still carrying around a heavy tome or different issues of Time magazines, it’s time to introduce him to the glorious world of e-books and online magazines.

5. Withings Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scales – for the slightly paunchy dad (SGD 169)

It’s a gift, but it’s also a subtly cheeky reminder for dad to cut down on the kegs and possibly start on morning and evening walks in the park. Best accompanied with gift #7 or #8 for best effect.

6. Sonos Beam – for the movie-loving dad (SGD 699 | MYR 2399 | HKD 3899)
Sonos Beam
Small flats don’t mean you need to settle for a tinny sound. This soundbar fits both the bedroom and the living room, so dad can enjoy his movies with the best audio experience possible. It also boasts a nifty feature – speech enhancement – for those wretched times when dialogue is muffled. Bye-bye, subtitles!

7. Fitbit Versa Watch Heart Rate + Activity Tracker – for the avid walker dad (SGD 318)
Fitbit Versa

Now dad can track his progress and show off to his friends the number of steps he’s walked everyday! Bonus: heart-rate tracking and sleep tracking to make sure he’s always at the top of his game!

8. T5 True Wireless – for the ultimate tech-savvy dad (SGD 349 | MYR 1099 | HKD 1999)

T5 True Wireless
So this is only available AFTER Father’s Day (available from 18 June), but hey – you can always justify this belated gift by telling Dad that good things are worth the wait right?

Pre-order this Zippo-inspired beauty with an unbelievably long battery life (8 hrs + 24 hrs charging case) and impeccable comfort, thanks to Klipsch’s patented oval eartips.

And that concludes our 8 amazing gift ideas for all the amazing dads out there. Pick a gift off this list and you’re bound to be dad’s favourite child for the rest of the year!

P.S. If you're a dad, you can always share this post with your kids so they know what you really really want for Father's Day this year. ;)

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