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17 May 2018

Music Makes It Home - Happy

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As homeowners, we often think of music as enjoyable but not essential, important but not the most necessary to our homes. However, we have research to back up that music can TRANSFORM homes and relationships. Read on to find out more!

There are a few go-to places for when you feel down. Think: A tub of mint chocolate chip, mom… your favorite album.

When we need it most, music is that perfectly timed hug or that boost of oh-so-needed confidence. It is also the party starter, the laugh inducer and the anytime mood lifter.

And there’s science to back that up.

In the Music Makes it Home study, Sonos looked at how playing music out loud would affect 30 homes around the world. It turns out that, with the music on, people are 12 % less jittery, 24 % less irritable, and 25 % more inspired. Which makes a lot of sense, according to Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, award-winning neuroscientist, musician, and author of This Is Your Brain on Music. “Listening to music out loud together modulates levels of serotonin, a feel-good hormone in the brain,” he says.


“Out of all of us, I think Mom would be the first person to turn all the music off, just because every day she has noise around here and sometimes she just wants quiet,” predicted 14-year-old Luke Drew from the U.K.

It wasn’t hard for mom Ruth to fit Luke’s expectations. She was the most skeptical – and hesitant – towards playing lots of music out loud in the home.

“I often think quite cynically … ‘Oh, this is just going to be annoying and it’s not going to bring everyone together at all,’ or, ‘It’s not going to have impact really on everyone’s mood,’” Ruth shared.

But even she couldn’t ignore the way an abundance of music transformed their home into a happier place, saying it had “a really positive effect.”

“When we have music on, suddenly, I’ll start dancing in the room or [son] Leon will start dancing about a little bit, and certainly [son] Luke and [daughter] Hannah will be laughing about the fact that I’m trying to dance in the corner.”

“It’s been really nice. It’s been really, really nice,” she added

“Without music in our home … everything became more still,” said Mohamed El Abed, a single father living in Sweden. “I think music gives a sort of movement and happiness … that I’ve been missing.”

Over in Canada, imagine a slightly larger family of four bobbing their heads to the music in agreement.

“When we turned on music … it just felt more alive, vibrant. The house came to life more,” said Amanda Cowen, Canadian wife and mother of two.

“It brought a smile to my face,” agreed husband Noah Segal. “There was a silence and [then] there was a vibrancy that just opened up. You could just see everybody get their groove on,” he continued.

“We didn’t know how dependent we were on music in our lives,” Amanda added. “And now, from the moment I walk in the door I’m like, ‘Hey, why is the music not playing?’”

That’s the serotonin talking.


And yet, with all the evidence stacked against a quiet home, when 30,000 people around the world were surveyed, 42 % of respondents said they are afraid to play their favorite guilty pleasure songs out loud when among other people. Also, 69 % agreed to the statement, “I listen to a wider variety of music genres when I’m alone than when I’m with friends.”

But that’s not doing anyone any favors. Those who listen to music out loud the most are actually 11 % happier than those who don’t. And it’s even better together.

“We seem to be spending a lot more time together and having moments of dancing around and doing crazy movements in the living room,” says Kirsty Angus, Australian mother of three. With the music on, kids Archie and Monty were caught dancing on the table to the Star Wars theme rather than plopping themselves for hours in front of the TV. Husband David even got four-month-old Daisy giggling with his spin moves.


What if a little birdy told you that something you probably (and hopefully) enjoy doing, are completely capable of doing, and don’t have to put much effort into doing would make you and your family significantly happier? Well, here it is: Press play.

Get listening by booking a FREE Sonos Demo down at our showroom, or visit our webstore today.

Specifically, people in the homes felt:

·    25% more inspired

·    22% more active

·    19% more enthusiastic

·    14% more excited

·    13% less distressed

·    12% less upset

·    12% less jittery

Next time someone yells to turn it down, try grabbing them by the hand, giving them a twirl and letting the happiness soak in.


Now, do you like tasty food? Good, so do we. Think about your lunches and dinners during the workweek. Do you want those ten meals to taste better?

In the survey, 58 % said food tastes better with music.

Now take those ten meals and think about it over a year. That’s 520 better tasting meals you could be eating.

Also according to our survey, 50 % enjoy cooking more while listening to music. This was underlined in the experiment, where we could see an increase in the time spent together in the kitchen by 33 %.

Bring on the yum.


Life is frustrating. There’s no way around the fact that moments, people, mishaps and frustrations happen. You can probably quickly think of four things that annoyed you today. What if you could take one of those away?

With music on, people in the field study said they were 24 % less irritable – meaning one of those four things may not have rubbed the wrong way when the tunes were blaring.

People were also more active during the week with music. We saw that the number of steps taken increased by 2 %, and the amount of calories burned went up by 3 %.


On to the really fun stuff. The participants in the field study reported that, with music out loud, they felt on an average 19% more enthusiastic and 25 % more inspired.

The survey also showed that 83 % believe doing chores is easier when listening to music.

We all want more happy, and if possible, all of the happy. Turn up the volume and go get it. At our webstore today.



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