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16 May 2018

Music Makes It Home

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In our last post, we talked about the Silent Home condition and the various causes of it. The solution? Music.

Music has been changing lives for thousands of years, and it’s only in the last few decades that listening to music out loud has become less commonplace. Families have become scattered and schedule-stressed. Work and emails know no boundaries, and multiple screens are vying for our limited attention. People have become busier, more isolated and increasingly distracted just simply trying to manage a regular day. There has to be a way to get back to the good things.

In our Music Makes it Home study, we hoped to explore what really happens when we play music - out loud. After surveying 30,000 people across the world, and going into 30 homes in eight different countries to see, hear and track happens when people don’t listen to music, and also what changes when they do.

What we found is staggering - Music does not just help households, it transforms them. Your songs, playlists, and albums become a connector, a magnet pulling you back to the good life.

Take a look at our Music Makes it Home report and explore our full findings.


We started with a 41-question online survey to get a feel of how people consider the connection between music and relationships. We polled 30,000 participants across 8 countries, and then conducted a 2-week field study in 30 households in these countries. In the first week, participants were instructed not to listen to music out loud, and then encouraged to listen to music out loud as much as they wanted in the second week.

Making use of Apple Watches to track heart rates, activity in steps, calories burned etc, iBeacons to track participants’ locations on a micro level around the home, Sonos systems to play music out loud at the midpoint of the study period, and finally a standardized PANAS survey to gauge participants’ emotional states, here’s how it all went down.

Mood Music

With music on, people are 12% less jittery, 24% less irritable, and 25% more inspired. Which makes a lot of sense, according to Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, award-winning neuroscientist, musician, and author of This is Your Brain on Music, “Listening to music out loud together modulates levels of serotonin, a feel-good hormone in the brain.”

Music Makes It Home Statistics

And this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Being able to lend a hand in that transformation drives us to do what we do. Until now, we never really were able to prove how much better music out loud makes our lives. This study is just the start. We hope the research continues and that future findings only further the link between music and a better life.

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Experience Sonos

So whether you’re looking to engulf your home and all its room in music, or simply a standalone speaker in the common area, Sonos grants you all that and beyond. It is generally considered the gold standard in terms of wireless home audio, offering a range of excellent-sounding speakers that can work independently or as a group. And it is a breeze to use - they’re always ready to play, and all control lies within the palm of your hand.

So what’s in it for you? Simply put - You’re together more. You’re happy more. You love more. For new homeowners looking into home decors and themes to knock your friends off their feet, do not neglect the very essential that is music - out loud. Do not confuse a house with a home.

As SONOS CEO John MacFarlane puts it, “that moment when they brought music back into the house and it became a home.”

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