26 April 2018

No Wires. No Limits

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Erato Audio has successfully developed leading technology in true wireless earbuds with built-in microphone for complete voice functionality alongside premium sound. Established in 2015 with the simple aim of creating high fidelity audio without compromise, Erato Audio is located in Brea, California where our team of audio experts continuously push the limits of technology. From incredible acoustic detail and clarity to breathtaking immersive audio experiences, Erato Audio sets a new standard for true wireless audio.

True-wireless audio – a fairly new category, which many companies have been struggling for some time to bring to the market. The crux of the issue: achieving simultaneous synchronization between left and right channels while avoiding dropouts and signal interruptions. Erato has spent the last decade perfecting this technology, resulting in 4 proprietary patents pending.

While traditional earphones can be great in many ways due to their size and quality sound, they all have one major drawback. Wires.

Bluetooth ‘wireless’ technology has been one of the most evolving categories in the consumer electronics market. In reality, these ‘wireless’ earphones STILL require the use of wires to connect both earpieces.


The Apollo 7

The first creation – the Apollo 7, was at the time, the worlds most compact, true-wireless earphone that includes a built-in omnidirectional microphone. It features a newly developed, industry-first micro-driver designed to satisfy even most demanding of audio purists.

Apollo Red Dot Award

Its design even received the 2015 Red Dot Honorable Mention Award, going through high standards of evaluation criteria including innovation, ergonomics, functionality, durability, quality etc.

Building on the Apollo 7’s success, Erato continued to push boundaries to release a slew of cutting-edge, true-wireless products.

Muse Rio

The Rio 3 (on the left) are truly wireless earphones meant to provide you with your favorite tunes during just about any type of workout, designed to stay put no matter what. The Muse 5 (on the right) gives you a customized fit with interchangeable earbud sizes and sleeves. 

Check out the whole Erato range right here.

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