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After a 6 month wait following their January announcement, the T5 True Wireless has finally hit the markets! More excitingly, it made its premiere on the sunny shores of Singapore. Score 1 for Asians! 

Heads-up: 7 days with a pair of earphones may not be very long, but this review is going to be slightly longer so you know just how awesome an experience it has been. 

T5 True Wireless

Out of the box

The first thing I noticed was that the unboxing experience was an upgrade from Klipsch’s previous products. Removing the gold seal made me feel like a kid opening my most anticipated Christmas present. Unpacking it, I found the earphones, the metal carrying/charging case, a user manual, a USB-C cable and a USB-C to USB-B adapter. No more micro-USB, yay! 

T5 True Wireless packagingT5 True Wireless inner

Setting up

Pairing it was straightforward enough, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. Out of the box, I just had to press the buttons on both sides of the earphones (the surface sporting the Klipsch logo) for 3 seconds, pair them to my phone, and soon I was enjoying music. 

When I put it into the case, my music stopped and the earphones (presumably) entered sleep mode. When I took it out of the case, my phone immediately connected with it again and I could seamlessly resume my music.

What was even more cool was realizing that the earphones could BOTH function as master earbuds! The problem with most true wireless earphones is that there is a master-slave relationship. Without one, the other can’t function. But if I want to just listen to music on one side, I CAN WITH THESE EARPHONES. Very nifty.

Attractive charging/carrying case

As the week progressed, I realised the earphones had a very addictive feature: the case cover.

I couldn’t stop flicking it open and close! And every time it closes, there’s a satisfying thud thanks to the magnetic clasp.

What I love even more is how it feels in my hands: solid and hefty. Made of zinc-metal alloy, it’s a stark contrast from all the plastic cases we’ve gotten used to. But with Klipsch’s True You campaign, the emphasis on all its new products is the need to be REAL. So instead of cheap, tacky products, you get real wood. Real leather. Real metal. Definitely a plus in my book! 


My daily commute to work is around 45 minutes, and then I listen to music at work for 3-4 hour stretches from all the way until 630pm. And throughout the week of trying out these T5, I had no issue with the comfort. 

The nozzle was smaller than any other true wireless earphones I’ve tried. Even though they jut out slightly because I'm female and my ears are small, they were still a perfect fit.

Coupled with the patented oval-shaped eartips, it was comfortable from start to end, no matter how many hours I used them for. Because of its unique shape, it also provided for the perfect seal, giving noise isolation and bass retention. James Bay never sounded more like a bae in my ears!

Sound quality

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be convinced by the sound quality since they were after all, wireless. And my ears have long been spoiled by Klipsch X12is. But the T5s turned out to be relatively decent compared to my regular high-end X12i. 

Outfitted with both the aptX and AAC codecs, which streams high res audio wirelessly for Android and Apple devices respectively, the sound quality was not compromised at all. 

Audio latency wasn’t an issue either, thanks (once again) to Bluetooth 5.0. Watching Patriot Act and Modern Family without any cables obstructing my view was pretty awesome!


Making calls on these proved to be quite an With 4 cVc 8.0 microphones, I didn’t have to worry about finding a quiet environment for my calls or that the earphones were too far from my mouth to pick up my voice.

T5 True Wireless mics
See those 4 holes? Those are the microphones!

After doing some digging, it turns out that the cVc 8.0 technology is an upgrade from the previous cVc 6.0 software, which means that these are the best noise-cancelling, voice-capturing microphones currently available on the Bluetooth audio market. And these earphones sport FOUR of these mics. Impressive!

Battery life

But ultimately the winning feature of these wireless earphones is the battery life. The earphones themselves had 8 hours of juice. I only needed to put them back into the charging case at the end of each day. The case was even more formidable – 24 more hours of power! After an entire week of usage, I only had to charge the case once. 

T5 True Wireless Charging Case
The light indicators show how many more charges you can get out of the case. Each bar = 8 hours!

At first, I thought I would need to charge them for maybe 5-6 hours since it’s 32 hours of battery I’m replenishing. But what floored me was the fast-charge feature: with just TWO hours of charging, the set of earphones and charging case were full and ready to go.

In fact if you’re ever in a rush, you just need to charge your earphones in the case for 15 mins and you’ll get another 2 hours of usage.

Final verdict

So all in all, how would I rate my experience with these earphones? They were definitely a...


For Klipsch’s first ever true-wireless offering, they definitely pulled out all the stops AND hit all the right notes. One week with it has won me as a fan.

Interested to try out the T5 True Wireless? They’re now available for demo at all Challenger stores in Singapore.

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