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There are many reasons why Fender Pro Series in-ear monitors (IEMs) are a smart add to your essential gear list, many of which are outlined here.

One of the premium features of the IEMs is the 3D-printed digital hybrid technology housings in the higher-end models that Fender designed and assembled in Nashville.

What sets 3D printing apart from other types of manufacturing processes. With IEMs, the other way to make them is injection molding, which creates a shell with a cavity inside to house the drivers. But with 3D printing, you can achieve levels of customization and precision that simply cannot be reached with traditional production methods.

Fender’s 3D-printed housings create subtle indents and curves that closely follow the natural contours of the ear for superior comfort—a process achieved after scanning thousands of ears. Suitable for 95 percent of ears, the Pro Series IEMs deliver a near universal fit.

Think of it like how your voice sounds different inside your own head than on a recording. It’s a process called bone conduction, where the skull conducts lower frequencies better than air. 

With the drivers coupled directly to the housing and the housing coupled directly to the cartilage of the ear, Fender IEMs ensure that you’re getting every last bit of sonic energy possible from your music


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