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Sonos Play 3 - Mid-size Home Speaker with Stereo Sound

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Sonos Play 3 - Mid-size Home Speaker with Stereo Sound

SGD $449.00
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SGD $449.00
  • Versatile. Fits perfectly in tall and narrow or short and wide spaces.
  • Stereo sound. Intense and immersive, with surprisingly deep bass for a speaker its size.
  • Vertical or horizontal, the sound remains amazing.
  • Two PLAY:3s work as Sonos home theatre rear speakers.
  • Wall or stand mountable.
  • Streams over wi-fi, not Bluetooth, so the music never stops – even if you get a phone call.

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Top Customer Reviews

By Pdx dad on October 22, 2017

There are several things I don't like about my Sonos unit. First the sound quality is mediocre for the price. Second the sound controls are buggy and sometimes the volume increases spontaneously to high without cause. Third I don't like the way it integrates with Spotify. When I used to use a Bluetooth speaker and I wanted to adjust volume I would just press the up or down button and the sound would correspond automatically. However with Sonos I have to log into my phone, select the Sonos app or the Spotify app and adjust the volume. This sounds like a minor inconvenience however today I was multitasking for my daughter's birthday party and juggling a million things. It was a total PIA. There is some other stuff I don't like about it as well. Anyway, I am hoping to be able to return my unit to buy a Bluetooth speaker instead. I realize that I won't have room portability with my audio however I feel it will better serve my needs regardless.

By Robert U on October 13, 2017

While the speaker sounds amazing and streams music from my preferred music service spotify, I am giving a 2 STAR review because of the poor form in connectivity. I use Alexa to stream music and was excitied to learn that Sonos now works with Alexa...............but there is a major catch........sonos works with alexa.........spotify has works with Alexa..........but Alexa will not direct Spotify to play on Alexa???????????...........completely defeats the purpose of convenience...........not only wasted a whole evening trying to determine if i was doing something wrong.............learn to find out its not a technology issue but rather a license issue..........don't know who is to blame but corporate greed is being put in front of consumer value

By Jon Vogt on October 01, 2017

Love this speaker!!!! Great base sound, great range, perfect at low volumes but also able to really fill a room (almost too much)

By Richard Holloway on September 26, 2017

I love the idea of this solution, having moved into a new house and wanting something simple and wireless. That said, it's been very disappointing: at first, it was buggy/erratic _and_ I couldn't use it with Spotify, and then, happily, came Spotify integration. But about every third time I try to use it (which is maybe every 3 days), I have some issue: I have to stop trying to play on Spotify and play one note on the Sonos app, then pause and go back to Spotify. Or both apps refuse to play at all-- jumping from one song to the next without playing, and I have to reboot everything in sight. When it works, it's a good solution, and maybe new software will eventually fix this, but an appliance this is _not_: It's another networked, buggy computer system in my house in the exact spot where I was hoping to have something that "just works". I do have friends that have Sonos and love it (which is why I bought it), but I'm disappointed.

OK sound.

By Ms. C. Z. LANE on September 25, 2017

The sound we OK. Get the Play 5 - it's much superior.

By John Doncsecz on September 24, 2017

Too expensive for the quality

By ferricoxide on September 23, 2017

The unit is a really nice form-factor. It's easy to set up. The sound produced is really only "ok" - nothing to write home about.While I get that this device may be mostly meat as a phone-managed, IoT device, the really big failing of this device is its PC software. I downloaded and installed the software to my PC and installed it with the requested administrator privileges. I closed the installer and then launched the installed binaries using my regular user account. After adding my streaming music services, I went to add my user account's music folders. Oddly, the Sonos software requests administrator privileges just to add folders that my executing-user should already have more than sufficient privileges to access. This is PISS POOR: why the hell would properly-written software need admin privs to access a folder that the executing user should already have more than sufficient privileges to??? This feels like iTunes circa the early 2000s.

Five Stars

By Troy S. Glassman on September 23, 2017

Great speaker. Works well in our gameroom. Easy to set-up.

By Kindle Customer on September 19, 2017

Love the whole SONOS system. Don't understand people who have problems with it. I have a 1 in the kitchen, 3 in the master bedroom, 5 in the living room, and bar for my TV in the den. Fantastic sound, easy to use, and nice looking. I've never had a second of trouble in the 4 years since I bought my first one.The only issue I see is that the software for my phone/IPad changes every now and then and you need to get used to navigating a bit differently. Not a big deal and all vendors change their aps/websites periodically so I think anyone complaining about that needs to get a new life.Can't wait for the supposed release of the integration with ALEXA.

Five Stars

By Dianne Howell on September 16, 2017

Great equipment. Sounds are bigger and clearer than you'd expect!

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